High flexible cementitious protective coating

Product Description :

Two components High flexible cementitious water proofing membrane, one is premixed cement mortar, the second is
emulsion liquid from high quality and rubbery polymers.
Ultra flex : Classified as CMO1P water proofing membrane according to EN 14891. Where is :
CM : Cementitious liquid applied water impermeable product.
O1 : Provided with crack bridging ability at low temperature (-5 C°).
P : Resistance to contact with chlorinated water


1. High flexible water proofing membrane.
2. Applied above or below grade.
3. Super description Elongation up to 500-600%.
4. Non toxic, so can use in potable water tanks.
5. Horizontal, vertical, or overhead applications.
6. Balconies, plaza decks, in combination with a UV protection.
7. Underneath tile mortars (showers, sanitary rooms, kitchens, swimming pools, etc.). sea water and marine aquarium tanks, and other reinforced concrete structures.
8. Solvent free –Environmentally friendly.
9. No priming necessary in most cases.
10. Breathable (not a vapor barrier).
11. Resists abrasion, mechanical wear & deicing salts.
12. Stands up to pedestrian and light traffic.
13. Resists strong hydrostatic pressure.
14. Self curing.
15. Good carbonation resistant.
16. High protection for gypsum walls from water leakage.
17. Excellent water& corrosion protection for all types of civil construction l Bridges, foundations,tunnels water treatment
18. Alkali and acid resistance

Compliance standard :

EN 14891 &ASTM D 412 & Chemical reagents resistance ( ASTM D 543) & compatible with potable water ( BS 6920).

Technical Data : at 25 C°

EN 14891 spec. results :

Surface preparation :

• The substrates must be sound, clean, free from voids ,gaping cracks or ridges and open pored.
• Remove bond breakers, such as oil, grease, dirt, loose particles, remains of form oils, water repellents, rust or other
coatings by water blasting or wet or dry sand blasting.
• Repair holes, defects, irregular surfaces, weak mortar joints, etc, with a patching mortar, round edges at vertical external
• Pre-wet substrates (excluding dry wall surface condition ,with no standing surface water. Seal dry, dusty, or very
absorptive surfaces (i.e .dry wall, gypsum) with one coat of suitable sealer like (Meister PVA bond).
Mixing Ratio by weight :
• 10Kg of part A(powder)+10 lit. of part B (liquid).
• If the final mix is thick can be added (0.5-1) gallon of water before star application and mix for (1-2) minutes until reach
to the suitable consistency.

Application procedures :

1. Add all contents of liquid part in clean container then add gradually the powder part and during mix using slow speed
hand drill fitted with mixing paddle.
2. Partial small amount may be mixed manually with a trowel or other suitable hand tools.
3. Mix for (3 minutes) to get a lump free consistency.
4. Let the mix to (5-10)minutes then remix.
5. Pre-wetted the substrates before using MEISTER ULTRA FLEX, but free from standing water.
6. At least (2-3)coats must be applied to get an excellent high flexible water proofing membrane.
7. The first coat should be applied to the well prepared substrate by stiff brush, roller or by spray application at minimum
rate of (0.650-0.750) Kg/m2).

8. Leave the first coat at least (12-18) hours to cure before applying the second coat.
9. Apply the second coat when the first coat is strong enough to receive it. Dampen the first coat and remove the excess
10. Apply the second coat at rate of (0.250-0.450 ) Kg/m2).
11. If the cementitious plaster will be applied over MEISTER ULTRA FLEX, sand dash immediately to create mechanical key
and aid adhesion.
12. If the second coat is the final coat, finish it with brush. Roller or sponge to get a uniform finish.
13. Allow the second coat to dry. Damp cure for 24 hours then allow for air drying.
14. MEISTER ULTRA FLEX should be protected against rapid drying and rains for 3 days.
15. MEISTER ULTRA FLEX can be subjected protected to mechanical stresses after 3 days and can be opened to water
exposure after 7 days.
16. MEISTER ULTRA FLEX should be protected from damage due to the application sub sequent layers.
17. If ceramic should be fixed on top of MEISTER ULTRA FLEX, it is recommended to use MEISTER TILE ADHESIVE GP, if anti bacterial and fungus properties needed, we recommend by using MEISTER TILE ADHESIVE GP PLUS, using thin bed method of installation.


Is about (17-22)M2/20Kg at (1.5-2.0)mm thickness

Shelf Life :

12 months in a dry, covered storage area.


10 kg bag +10 lit. Jerry Can.

Health and Safety :

Gloves and goggles should be worn during application. Splashes to skin or eyes should be washed with clean water. Seek
a medical advice in case of prolonged irritation occur.