Tile flex

Tile flex

Flexible cement based tile adhesive for marble & granite &porcelain


Featured and developed formula prepared with careful attention specially to provide one step installation for large format
ceramic tiles, marble, granite, porcelain, natural stones. It is suitable for fixing porcelain and natural stone on facades,
swimming pools, industrial flooring areas.

Tile flex:

can be classified according to EN 12004 &EN12002 as C2 TES1 thin and medium bed mortar up to (18 mm) application
thickness, where is :

C2: improved cementitious tile adhesive.
T: provided with slip resistant .
E: extended open time .
S1: deformable adhesive .

Field of use :

1. Fixing ceramic tiles of all types , porcelain even in large sizes.
2. Fixing marble & granite & and natural stone & as long they are not affected by water.
3. Indoor and outdoor applications .
4. On walls and floors .
5. Spot –gluing installation panels made of polystyrene, polyurethane foam, rock, glass wool.


1. Support heavy tiles and stones, prevents lippage .
2. For interior and exterior application.
3. Extended open time.
4. Excellent sag and slip resistant immediately holds walls tiles in place.
5. Can be applying in thin set or medium bed application with flexibility up to (18 mm) without shrinkage.
6. One –pack.
7. Frost proof.
8. Flexible grade which cover requirement of both ANSI 118.4 &EN 12002.
9. Water proof.

Standard compliance:
It is complies with EN 12004 & EN 12002& ANSI 118.4 (2012)

Technical properties :

Technical results according to ANSI 118.4 (2012)

Technical data according to EN 12004&12002 (2007)

Surface preparation:

1. All surfaces must be sound and clean before (tile flex) applied.
2. All traces of grease or oil, dirt must be removed.
3. All loose particles of mortar, old wall paper, paint… etc, must be physically removed.
4. If the surface dry, pre-wet prior to application, without leaving excess water.
5. Tiles should be cleaned and exempt of surface contaminants.

Application procedures :

1. Add (5.5-6.5)lit. cool water to one deep container add the contents of the 20Kg bag gradually and mix with hand drill
with suitable speed (400-600) rpm till the mixture is uniform and free of lumps.
2. Keep mix for (3:5) minutes, and set for (10minutes ) then remix for (2 minutes).
3. The prepared product may be used (pot life ) for a period of (3-4 hours ).
4. Can be apply (tile flex ) by using hand trowel with sizes 8mm & 10 & 15 mm & 18 mm without shrinkage.
5. Can be used for fixing absorbent tiles up to a maximum size of (60×120 cm)for indoor floors Up to (60×60 cm)
for indoor walls and outdoor paving and (30×60 cm) or (45×45 cm) for facades without any mechanical clamps.

6. To achieve a good adhesion, spread thin layer of (Tile flex) over the tile back by using the straight edge of the trowel
immediately spread further layer of (Tile flex) to the thickness required with suitable notched trowel according to the
type and the size of the tiles.

7. When laying walls and floors large format and heavy tiles on exterior surfaces, also in case of tiles which will be
exposure to heavy loads, spread (Tile felx) on the back of tile to guarantee total buttering.

Cleaning :
Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with water. Cured product can only be removed mechanically.

Packaging :
20Kg paper bags.

Storage :
12 months in suitable storage conditions, keep out heat, humidity, direct sun light.

Health and safety :

1. During mix avoid inhalation of dust and contact with skin and eyes.
2. Water suitable protective clothing, gloves, goggles, masks.
3. In case of contact with skin, rinse plenty of clean water then clean with soap and water.
4. In case of contact with eyes. Rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and seek a medical advice.
5. If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately –do not induce vomiting.