Tile Adhesive 801

Tile Adhesive 801

Thinnest mortar for fixing ceramic and mosaic tiles on walls and floors

Product Description

Pre-mixed multipurpose tile adhesive mortar & consists of selected raw materials from graded fillers, ordinary Portland cement, excellent additives for increasing adhesion and workability.
Cementitious adhesive based on high quality polymers for indoor and outdoor applications.
Suitable for fixing to different substrates such as concrete, gypsum plasterboards, block walls, lightweight blocks and plastered walls. Suitable for high temperatures.


• Easy to use and apply. Just add water.
• Strong adhesion for all tiles.
• Economical, fast mobilization and installation compared to traditional mortar.
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor using.
• Heat resistant (30 – 50)C°.
• For adhesion thickness from 3mm to 8mm.
• Long open time &slip resistance.
• Suitable for application on several surfaces like concrete gypsum boards after coating it with suitable sealer &
polystyrene boards.


Technical Properties:

Standard compliance:  EN12004.

Instructions for use:
Surface Preparation:

All surfaces must be sound and thoroughly clean before Tile Adhesive 801 applied. All traces of grease or oil must be
removed. All loose particles of mortar, old wallpaper, paint… etc. must be physically removed. If the surface is dry, pre-wet
prior to application, without leaving excess water. Tiles should be cleaned and exempt of surface contaminants.

Application procedures:

1. Mixing may be done manually, using a trowel, or with a 600 rpm hand drill equipped with mixing blade, which will give
greater uniformity and a faster mix.
2. Add the (5-6 Lit.) Cool water to one deep container. Add the contents of the 20Kg bag gradually and mix till the mixture
is uniform and free of lumps.
3. Keep mixing for (3:5 minutes), and set for (10 minutes) then remix for (2 minutes).
4. The prepared product may be used (Pot life) for a period of two hours approximately.
5. Apply Meister tile adhesive 801 to the surfaces, to a thickness of 3mm, using a hand trowel.
6. Apply mortar over areas not exceeding 1.0m2.
7. Apply the tile with the mortar over walls to be tiled, press tiles firmly into place and gently adjust the level by twisting
slightly within 15 minutes, ensuring proper transfer of the mortar, at least 85%, to the back of the tile
8. For floors apply the mortar to the concrete floor then place the tile in place, pressing gently to level, adjust the level by
twisting slightly within 5 minutes, ensuring proper transfer of the mortar, at least 85%, to the back of the tile.
9. Check periodically to ensure proper transfer by lifting tiles occasionally.
10. Remove excess mortar from tile face using a damp cloth.
11. Fresh mortar can be removed with water, but once hardened only mechanical removal is possible.

General Notes:

Do not apply Tile Adhesive 801 on movement control joints. On large areas provide tile joints aligned over the substrate
joints. All porous surfaces such as gypsum board or timber should be primed with sealer primer. For filling the joints
between the tiles, use Meister Tile Fine or sanded. Do not apply on metal surfaces. Use plastic spacers to leave the required
joint width around each tile, depending on the type of the tiles and the pattern.


20kg powder in paper bags.


12 months if kept in a dry store out of direct sunlight, heat, moisture.


All tools should be cleaned with clean water immediately after use. Cured material can only be removed mechanically.

Health and safety:

Tile Adhesive 801 contains cement powders when mixed or become damp, releases alkaline which can be harmful to the
skin. During use avoid inhalation of dust and contact with skin and eyes. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, eye
protection and respiratory protective equipment. In case of contact with skin, rinse and wash with plenty of soap and water.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice.
If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately, do not induce vomiting.