Super GP

Super GP

Advanced cement based tile adhesive

Description :

Cement based tile adhesive suitable for fixing ceramic, mosaic, porcelain, natural stone on wall and floors, water
resistant, interior &exterior use, for thin and medium bed mortar.

Advantages :

1. Water resistant.
2. For both exterior & interior use.
3. Excellent adhesion to glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles & natural stone like marble, granite, porcelain, etc.
4. Tropical grade.
5. Crack free & anti slipping properties.
6. Suitable for both thin and medium bed mortar.

Technical properties :

Standard compliance :

BS EN 12004 &EN 1348.

Surface preparation :

1. All surface should be sound, clean before application.
2. If the surface dry, in hot conditions, pre – wet prior to application, without leaving excess of water on the substrate.
3. Tiles should be cleaned and contaminates free.

Application procedures :

1. Add (5.2-5.4 lit ) clean water to clean container, add SUPER GP powder gradually to the container.
2. Mix with hand drill through low speed (400-500) rpm till the mixture is uniform and becomes lumps free.
3. Keep mix for (5 minutes ), then set for (10 minutes), then remix for (2 minutes).
4. Apply fixing tile by suitable thickness for the tile type which use in the site.

5. To achieve a good adhesion, spread thin layer of (Super GP) over the tile back by using the straight edge of the trowel
immediately spread further layer of (Super GP) to the thickness required with suitable notched trowel according to the
type and the size of the tiles.

6. When laying walls and floors large format and heavy tiles on exterior surfaces, also in case of tiles which will be
exposure to heavy loads, spread (Super GP) on the back of tile to guarantee total buttering.

Cleaning :
All tools should be clean with clean water immediately.

Packaging :
20Kg paper bags.

Shelf life :
12 Months in suitable store far from heat, direct sun light, humidity.

Safety :

1. Wear suitable protective clothing during the application e.g (overalls)
2. Wear masks, goggles, gloves .
3. If contact with skin wash with clean water.
4. If contact with eyes, immediately wash with plenty of clean water several times for (5-10 minutes). Then seek a medical
5. If swallowed, immediately seek a medical advise – don’t induce vomiting