Self leveling floor smoothing cementitious mortar


Selvocrete is cement based powder product polymer modified supported with special formulation for self leveling and
smoothing concrete surface mortar.

Field of uses :

Selvocrete can be use for smoothing, leveling covering within thin coat of concrete surface and screed floors before laying:

-Tiles .
– Carpets.
-Parquet Flooring.
-Vinyl Sheeting.
-Linoleum .

Advantages :

1. Provide smooth surface.
2. Crack free, Multi use within thickness (2-6 mm).
3. Premium adhesion to the substrate.
4. Water Resistant.
5. Easy apply through infusion or pump on concrete surfaces.
6. One pack just add water.

Technical properties :

Application :

1. Surface preparation :

-The surface must be sound, clean, free from dust, grease, oil, dirt, contaminates, etc .
-New concrete old recommended for application not less than 28 days.

2. Surface Priming :

Before apply selvocrete we recommend to prime the substrate by using Meister selfo prime , after dilute it with (1:4 clean
water) to seal the surface to block air release to cause bubbles or pinholes in the surface of High level.
-In case of high porous surfaces should be apply second coat by rate of dilution (1 Meister selfo prime :3 clean water ).
-The second coat should be apply after complete drying of the first coat .
-The surface should be keep wet for (3-4) hours before priming to ensure maximum bonding, sealing. (water temperature
not more than 35 C°).

3. Mixing :

-Add (4.2- 4.4 ) lit. of clean water to each 20Kg bag of high level to be mixed in clean container .
-Add Selvocrete powder gradually, and still mix with low speed mixer till (3-5 ) minutes .
-After mixing should be use high level during 20 minutes.

Curing :

Curing generally not required, but in high temperature can be damp the surface of selvocrete for (2-3) days with damp
hessian fully covered with poly ethylene sheet.

Limitation :

-Work recommended temperature (5-35 C°).
-Don’t apply Selvocrete for flooring subjected to high loading like forklift .
-For covering more thick than 6 mm, selvocrete should be applied in more than one layer with period at least 24 hours
between the fast and the second layer.
-Can be apply flooring covering though (2-3) days.
-Application area should be air flow free, till the product complete hard.
-Minimum thickness recommended to achieve the benefit from the product not less than 3 mm.
-If the application substrate suffer from continuous wet or damp, the substrate must be cure with suitable damp proofing
membrane ( eg. Meister ultra flex ).
Important notes for application during high temperature ( over 35 C° ):
-keep unmixed product & application tools in dry and cool place, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight .
-preferred to eliminate application during so hot times of the day and in direct sun light.
-select the low temperature time during the day to apply the product ,preferred at night or early morning.

Cleaning tools :

With clean water immediately.

Storage :

12 months in dry and suitable storage conditions.

Package :

20 kg paper bags

Health and safety :

-Selvocrete not toxic but it is alkaline like all cement mortar.
-During application should be wear gloves, goggles, masks.
-In case of contact with skin wash immediately with clean water.
-In case of contact with eyes splash with clean water immediately.
-In case of prolonged irritation for skin seek medical advise.
-In case of swallow go to direct to the doctor immediately.