Selfo prime

Selfo prime

Description :

Advanced acrylic polymer for priming the concrete surfaces before laying cement based self leveling such as Meister
SELVO CRETE Provide the concrete surface with high sealing properties, to prevent air releasing from the concrete to the
cement leveling compounds which can create pinholes and air bubbles in the top of the flooring. Improves the concrete
surface adhesion to the cement based flooring through it tacky film form after drying.

Advantages :

1. advanced water proofing properties after tacky film formation.
2. premium adhesion to screeds and concrete.
3. easy to apply & single product.
4. water based acrylic eco friendly product.
5. formaldehyde free.
6. alkali and efflorescence resistant at low dilution rate (1:2 water ).

Technical properties :

Application :

1. Concrete surface must be dry, clean, sound, contaminants free such as oil, grease, dirt,…etc
2. For the first prime coat can be dilute (1 selfo prime : 4 clean water )and apply it by using brush don’t use roller or spray.
3. The second coat can be apply after drying of the first coat (3-4) hours, by dilution ratio (1: 3 water ).
4. In case of high porous concrete should be apply third coat by the same last ratio (1:3 water ).
5. Application area should be well ventilated to accelerate film formation of the SELFO PRIME.
6. Exposure the SELFO prime to be damp should be prevent, to avoid bonding failed.

Limitation :

Selfo prime should be keep in shaded place, far from direct sun light at temperature higher than 35 C°, also water mixing
temperature should below (20-25 C° ) this reason for acrylic nature of Selfo prime.

Cleaning :

Tools should be clean immediately with clean water.

Packaging :

5&20 Lit. Jerry Cans


Shelf life :

12 months for sealed Jerry Can in suitable store, keep out from direct sun light.

Fire :

Water based product non flammable.

Health and safety :

-Suitable protective tools and clothes should be wear during application such as gloves & masks Goggles & overalls.
-In case of contact with skin wash with plenty of clean water.
-In case of contact with eye wash immediately with plenty of clean water several times for 15 minutes.
-Incase of swallowing drink plenty of milk and water (4-5 lit ) immediately then seek a medical attention as soon as possible.
-In case of prolonged irritation seek medical attention.