Multipurpose admixture for cement mortar

Description :

Meister PVA BOND 2 is multipurpose modified poly vinyl acetate polymer, formulated specially to enhanced the cement
mortar properties.

Uses :

1. An additives for cement mortar to improve bonding properties.
2. Dust proof.
3. Adhesive for several substrate such as concrete, wood, glass, masonry bricks.
Advantages :
1. Provide high adhesion
2. Enhance bonding properties.
2. Improve flexural strength, abrasion resistant.
3. Improves cement mortar curing not skim coat.
4. Prevent crack &shrinkage .
5. Economical.
6. Freeze/thaw resistant.

Technical properties :

Compliance standard : BS 5270

Application guide :

The surface must be dry, sound, clean, contaminants free.
Meister PVA bond 2 as bonding agent preferred to be use without dilution, but if dilution require can be apply through
dilution rate ( 2 Meister PVA BOND :1 water ).
Meister PVA BOND 2 as cement mortar additives : like cement sand plaster, grout.
Sand cement screeds : Can be dilute with water by ratio ( 1 Meister PVA BOND 2 : 2 clean water).
Meister PVA BOND 2 as dust proof : during dilution rate (1:1 water ).

Cleaning :

Clean tools by clean water immediately .

Packaging :

5& 20 &200 lit drums

Shelf life :

12 months in unopened container, in dry and suitable store, far from direct sunlight .

Fire :

Non – flammable

Safety :

Wear a suitable overalls, gloves, masks, goggles, during application.
In case of contact with eye or skin wash immediately with plenty of clean water several times.
In case swallowing drink milk or water then seek a medical attention immediately.