Meister Spatter Dash

Meister Spatter Dash

Description :

Premixed cement based mortar for preparing the surface before apply the render.
Provided with high quality selected special graduated aggregates & additives : to enhance adhesion , flexural , compressive
strength , water resistant.

Field of use :

Meister Spatter Dash can be used on various types of building materials such as blocks, bricks, AAC (Autoclaved Aerated
Concrete block ) & ALC (Aerated Lightweight Concrete block ), stones .

Advantages :

1. Advanced adhesion to the substrate.
2. Simply and fast apply.
3. Exterior &interior application.
4. Manually and plastering machine use.
5. Excellent workability.
6. Weahter &water resistant.
7. Recommended for vertical &ceiling surfaces.
8. Single product just add water.

Standard compliances :
ASTM C150 &ASTM C 926 &ASTM C 897.

Technical Details :

Surface preparation :

Substrate should be sound, clean, contaminants free such as dirt, oil, grease, loose mortar, curing agent.
Wet the surface several times (3-5 ) times before start application without excess water on the surface.

Mixing :

1. Add (3.6 -4.4 ) lit clean water for each 20Kg bag from Meister Spatter Dash.
2. Add (9-11) lit clean water for each 50Kg bag from Meister Spatter Dash.
3. Mix manually or by plaster machine for (3-5 ) minutes.
4. After mixing & prior surface wet Meister Spatter Dash should be use during (45-60 ) minutes.

Application :

Meister Spatter Dash:

Can be apply in a single coat method manually by using trowel & or by using mechanical spray machine. Recommended
thickness ( 4- 6 ) mm to prepare the surface for new plaster.

Curing :

Meister Spatter Dash must be cured with water two times daily every 12 hours at least for 3 days in wet conditions, but in
hot and dry conditions curing time must be increase to 5 days, to get maximum strength, prevent shrinkage and cracks
after drying.

Cleaning :

Clean tools application by clean water.

Consumption rate :

Around 4 -5Kg /m2 of dry product.

Coverage :

(4-5) m2 for each 20Kg bag.
(10-12) m2 for each 50Kg bag.
This is coverage depends on both of surface roughness & porosity.

Packaging :

20&50 & Kg paper bags.

Shelf life :

12 months in dry, suitable store .

Safety :

Wear suitable overall, gloves, masks, goggles, during application.
In case of contact with skin, wash immediately with clean water.
In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately with clean water for several times.
In case of irritation persist or swallowing the material immediately seek a medical attention.