Meister SBR Bond

Meister SBR Bond

Powerful multi–use bonding agent for mortar and concrete

Description :

A latex dispersion admixture based on styrene butadiene rubber and is used for improving the properties of cement

A versatile adhesive with a wide range of applications. Admixture is used for improving the properties of cement mortar
and concrete, specifically with regards to bond strength to different building materials, and impermeability to water. For
internal and external use.

Use :

To improve the mortar and concrete surfaces & bind the concrete flooring (screeds) above the old flooring. In tiles and
marble, ceramic & engineered stone adhesives works. Binding the old concrete with new concrete. After dilution with
water as improving coating for concrete surfaces & cement based plasters.

Advantages :

• Increases the bond strength of concrete and mortar to different surfaces.
• Increases the strength properties, especially tensile and bending strength and abrasion resistance.
• Increases the elasticity and reduces shrinkage cracking.
• Improves the workability and decreases the mixing water.
• Improves the impermeability of cement mortar and increases resistance to chemicals and salts when added in high
dosage to get a water proofing mortar.
• Chlorides free.

Standard compliance :

It is comply with ASTM C 631, BS 6920 (approved for use with potable water).

Ratio of Meister SBR bond :

10 liter / 50 kg of cement

Standard mortar (sand : cement )
3 : 1

Chemical resistance :

The cement based materials have limited resistance for chemicals, but when addition of Meister SBR bond to the cement
mortar work on decreasing the surfaces penetration so decrease the side effect for chemicals &acids &gases &water.

Application Instructions :

Surface Preparation :

-From the extremities of the application area to depth at least 10mm to avoid feather
-Edging and to provide a square edge. Ensure a minmum depth of 6 mm is observed in the remaining area, up to the
previously formed edge.
-Clean surface and remove any dust, or contaminated materials, plaster, oil, grease, corrosion deposits or algae.
-Oil and grease deposites should be removed by steam cleaning, dtergents scrubbing or use of a proprietary degreaser.
-Where breaking out is not required, roughen the surface and remove any laitance by light scabbling or grit-blasting.
-The effectivness of decontamination shouldthen be assessed by pull- off test.

Surface priming:

-The surface should be throughly soaked with clean water and any exess removed prior to commen cement.
-A slurry primer shuold be prepared consisting of 1 volume Meister SBR Bond to 3 volume clean water to 3 volumes of fresh
-To obtain a smooth consistency, the addition of cement must be gradually into the premixed liquid.
-The slurry prime should be stirred frequently during use to offset settlement.
-The slurry primer shuold be scrubbed well into the surface of the substrate, being careful to avoid ponding.
-The repair mortar, topping or render must be applied on the wet slurry primer.
-If the slurry primer dries before application of mortar, it must be removed and the area reprimed before continuing.
-For use on gypsum or gypsum board substrates, sealer primer should be applied to the surface prior to the application
of Tile Adhesive

Mixing :

Recommend by using low speed hand drill with high effieciency durig stirring Meister SBR Bond mortar. Recommend by
mixing in suitable container with suitable mixing fan and low speed mixer (400-500rpm). There are guide formulation by
using Mesiter SBR according to the the work requirements

As the following :

1. Patching and repair mortar :
(recommended thickness :6mm-40mm)
50Kgs ordinary portland cement +150kgs graded sand+ 10 litres Meister SBR Bond +8litres clean water (approximately).
2. Heavy –duty floor screed :
(recommended thickness 10 mm-40 mm)
50 kgs ordinary portland cement +75Kgs granite size(3 mm-6 mm) +75 graded sand +10 litres Meister SBR Bond + 6 litres
clean water (approx.)
The screed should be of semi –dry cohesive consistency.
3. Render :
(recommended thickness : 6mm -9 mm)
50Kgs ordinary portland cement +150Kgs graded sand +10 litres Meister SBR Bond +6 litres clean water (approx.)
The render should be of semi dry cohesive consistency.
4. Bonding mortar for slip bricks, tiles,etc :
(recommended thickness : 6mm -40 mm).
50kgs of ordinary portland cement +125 kgs graded sand +10 litres Meister SBR Bond + 7 litres clean water (approx.).

Notes :

-These mix are based on the use of dry sand and aggregate.
-Adjustments must be made to the water demand relative to the moisture content of the sand aggregate used.
-Mixing in suitable size drum using an approved spiral paddle im a slow speed (400-500rpm).
-Weigh the cement, sand, where required, aggregate into the mixer and dry blend together for onr minute& with the
-Machine in operation, add the pre-mixed Meister SBR Bond, and clean water.
-Continue mixing mixing for three minutes to ensurre comlete dispersal into the sand and cement.
-Then add small amount of clean water to the mixed to the suitable consistency.
-Continue mixing for 5 minutes till smooth and fully homogeneous consistency is achived with the required workability
and application properties.

Application :

Meister SBR bond can be applied by using hand trowel on the prepared surfaces.
Minimum thickness which can be applied by using Meister SBR bond (6-40)mm according to the nature and shape of the
area which wanted to repair.

High temprature working :

At ambient temprature above 40 C°, the material should be stored in the shade and cool water used for mixing.

Finishing :

Meister SBR bond mortar can be finished by using metal or plastic or wood knife or by using
Piece of sponges till obtain the required finishing.
Donot loading the repaierd surface overworked .

Technical Data : (25 Cº)

Properties of MEISTER SBR BOND Mortars :

• Cement: sand is 1: 3.
• Test results after 28 days.
Powerful Multi-Use Adhesive For Mortar and Concrete.

Meister SBR Bond Properties

Cleaning :

All application tools should be cleaned with water directly after use & but the dried material can be remove mechnicaly.

Packaging :

5Kg& & and 20Kg& &200Kg drum.

Storage :

12 months in suitable conditions.
• safety information
The cement base mortar and slurry from Meister SBR bond contain cement powder which produce alkaline elements at mixing with water which has side effect when touch the skin so must prevent.
Skin or eyes touch or swelling, also the work must be done in opened places with good ventilation.
Without inhalation for the produced fumes or dust .
The protective clothes and gloves and goggles and masks must be wear.
In case of contact with skin wash immediately with clean water then water and soap , do not use solvents.
In case of contact with eyes wash by clean water for 10 minutes at least then seek medical advice.

Fire :
Meister SBR Bond is nonflammable.