Product Description:

MEISTER FLEX PROOF is a water proof coating consists of two components A & B, component A is styrene butadienerubber
(SBR) baseliquid, component B is a modified cement base powder

Directions for use :

• Surfaces should be wet and free from greases, oil and loose adhering particles.
• Defects in surfaces should be repaired with (Meister SBR mortar).
• Put 75% liquid component in the mixing container.
• Add powder component gradually in the container, use mechanical stirrer to reach homogeneous mixture.
• Apply paint with brush or dilute with (0.5- 1) gallon of water and spray the paint.
• Apply the second coat after complete drying of previous coat(18-24) hours according to the weather conditions.
• Clean tools with water after use.

Fields of Use :

External and internal waterproofing of concrete & masonry surfaces. Used for swimming pools, water tanks, foundations,
sport floors, and facades of coastal structures.

Advantages :

• Crack sealing repair cement & masonry surfaces.
• Excellent adhesion on concrete.
• High resistance to severe weather conditions.
• Excellent water proof (99.3%) BE EN 12390.
• Good abrasion resistance.

Technical Properties: (at 25 C°)

Rate of use :

1.5 kg -1.75Kg/M2 at least for first coat &1.0 -1.25Kg/M2 for second coat depending on the porosity of the surface.

Safety Precautions :

Wear gloves, overalls and goggles during handling & application. In case of contact, rinse off thoroughly with water. If the
material is splashed into the eyes, these should be immediately washed with water and then report toan eye specialist.
Wash hands with soap and water after use. Do not eat or smoke during application.


• 12 months under suitable conditions in a dry place.
• Store the two components in separate places.


• 25Kg (5.0lit. A + 20Kg B)
• Two Component Flexible Cementitious Protective& Waterproofing Paint