Meister Cemplast 10

Meister Cemplast 10

Premixed cement based plaster

Description :

Cement based premixed plaster for internal and exterior application on various types of building materials.

Field of uses :

It is used on various types of building materials such as bricks, blocks, aerated concrete blocks, stones, etc. For all an
exterior and interior application.

Advantages :

1. Provide high adhesive bond.
2. Internal &external use.
3. Premium workability.
4. Provide final coat crack free.
5. Weather conditions resistance.
6. Single product just add water.

7. Economic.

Compliance standard :

ASTM C 109

Technical properties :

Coverage :

Approx . 1.5-1.6Kg /m2 /mm of dry product, for each 50Kg bag (10.4 -11) m2 with thickness 3 mm.

Application :

1. Surface preparation :

-All surfaces should be cleaned, sound, free from any contaminants such as grease, oil, dirt.
-All surfaces should be wet for several times (3-4) times before starting application of CEMPLAST 10 &without excess
water on the surface .

2. Mixing :

For rough surfaces :

Add (9-11) liter of clean potable water for each 50Kg bag from CEMPLAST 10 ( manual use ).
But add (11-13 .5 ) liter of clean and potable water for each 50Kg CEMPLAST 10 (spray use ).

For smooth surfaces and ceiling :

Add (1-2) liter of Meister SBR BOND 2 for water demand of manual use (9-11) liter water
Initially, till achieve high adhesion strength depending on the degree of surface smooth for manual use.

For spray application :

Add (1-2) liter of Meister SBR BOND 2 to water demand (10.5 -13)liter for each 50Kg bag.
Mix (3-5 ) minutes in clean and deep container with low speed drill till get lump free consistency.
Set for (2) minutes, then remix for (3) minutes then start application (should be finalized during 1-1.5) hour according to
weather conditions .

3. Application &thickness :

Typical thickness recommended (5-25) mm.
-We recommend by apply it in two coats .
-First coat thickness can be apply (15 mm).
-Cure it with water after complete drying, also before apply the second coat.
-Second coat can be apply with (10mm) thickness , then apply the normal method to get get uniform surface.
-We advise by using our product Meister WR SUPER PUTTY after application CEMPLAST 10 to get smooth surface, high
water resistance, adhesion strength before apply paints.

4 Curing :

Meister CEMPLAST 10 should be cured with water for (2-3) days in normal conditions for two times, but in hot condition
curing period should be increase (3-5) days in (3-4) times daily to get high strength &control shrink, prevent cracks.

Cleaning :

Application tools should be wash with water immediately.

Packaging :
50 kg paper bags.

Shelf life :

12 months in dry, suitable store
Keep it from direct sunlight, humidity.

Health and safety :

-Wear overall, goggles, masks, gloves during application.
-If contact with skin : wash with clean water immediately.
-If contact with eye : wash immediately with plenty of clean water several times for (5-10)minutes, then seek a medical
– If swallowed drink plenty of milk or water, immediately seek a medical attention.