Highly flexible tile adhesive for marble &granite & porcelain


One component high deformability tile adhesive, for large format ceramic tiles, marble & granit& porcelain & natural
stones. It is suitable for fixing all of tiles types, interior and exterior use, on walls and floors, in swimming pools .
Can be classified according to EN 12004 &EN 12002 as C2TES2, for thin, medium bed mortar, application where is:
C2: Improved cement based tile adhesive.

T: Slip resistant.
E: Extended open time.
S2: High deformability.

Field of use:

1. On both of walls and floors, indoor &outdoor applications.
2. For thin, medium, thick bed fixing of all types of ceramic, mosaic, porcelain, terracotta, slate, quarry, marble, granite.

Advantages :

1. One part highly flexible adhesive C2TES2, add only clean water.
2. Exellent water resistant.
3. Absorption of vibration and reduce sound transmission.
4. Accommodate movement within the substrate.
5. Well adhere to most waterproofing membrane.
6. Exellent ability to cope with deformation in the substrate and tiles.
7. Slip resistance on vertical surfaces.
8. Exellent bond to all materials normally used in building industry.
9. Both of open time and adjustability time are particularly long to make fixing easier.

Standard compliance :

It complies with BS EN 12004, EN 12002 &ANSI 118.4 (2012)

Technical information:

Technical information according to ANSI 118.4 (2012 )&118.11 (1999):

Technical data according to EN 12004& 12002:

Surface preparation:

1. All surfaces must be sound and clean before (EASTO STAR ) applied.
2. All traces of grease or oil, dirt, must be removed.
3. All loose particles of mortar, old wall paper, paint,…etc, must be physically removed.
4. If the surface dry, please pre-wet prior to application, without excess water.
5. Tiles should be cleaned and exempt of surface contaminants.

Application procedures:

1. Add (5-6)lit. cool water to one deep container. Add the contents of the 20Kg bag gradually. And mix with hand drill with
medium speed (400-600 rpm) till the mixture is uniform and free of lumps.
2. Keep mix for (3:5) minutes & and set (10 minutes ) & then remix for (2 minutes ).
3. The prepared mix may be used (pot life ) during (2-4) hours .
4. Can be apply (Elasto star )for thin, medium, thick bed mortar without shrink.
5. Flooring and the covering applied with C2TES2 highly flexible tile adhesive, must not be washed down or exposed train
for at least (24-36) hours, and must be protected against. Freezing weather. If it rains you must stop the application and
cover the applied area.
6. To achieve a good adhesion, spread thin layer of (Elasto Star) on the substarte by using the straight edge of the trowel
immediately spread further layer of (Elasto Star) to the thickness required with suitable notched trowel according to the
type and the size of the tiles.
7. When laying walls and floors large format and heavy tiles on exterior surfaces, also in case of tiles which will be
exposure to heavy loads, spread (Elasto Star ) on the back of tile to guarantee total buttering.
8. It is not necessary to wet the tiles before tiling, only in the case of high temperature. Also when the tiles back are very
dusty, it is recommended wash it by dipping them into clean water.
9. The tiles must be installed by applying a firm pressure to guarantee that they are well buttered.
10. The process should be carried out by using hammering with hammer rubber till is no air bubble left between tile and
the surface .
11. Adjustability to the time within 45 minutes.
Grouting and cleaning :
The tile joints may be grouted after complete set be done for the (Elasto Star).
Meister tile grout can be use which available in (70 colors).
Tools and containers can be cleaned using water while the (Elasto Star) still fresh.
Surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth before (Elasto star) sets .

Packaging :
20 kg paper bags

Shelf life :
12 months in suitable storage conditions, keep out heat, humidity, direct sun light.

Health and safety :

1. During mix a void inhalation of dust and contact with skin and eyes.
2. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, goggles, masks.
3. In case of contact with skin, rinse plenty of clean water then clean with soap and water.
4. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek a medical advice.
5. If it swallowed, seek medical advice immediately, do not induce vomiting.

Fire :
Elasto Star not flammable .