Monolithic surface hardening compound for fresh concrete

Description :

Ready to use product, based on ordinary Portland cement, selected graded aggregates, high quality special additives,
high quality pigments at required.
This is combination produce a material which is easy to trowel in the surface of fresh, wet concrete.
CONTEC : Provide, non porous surface which is extremely hard wearing and abrasion resistant .
CONTEC : Fix the problems normally associated with thin screeds. e.g., shrinkage, cracking.
CONTEC : Can be use as surface hardener and coloring for concrete flooring.

Field of use :

1. Warehouses, garages.
2. Traffic and heavy loads.
3. Floors where catchy and more uniform colors is desired.
4. Shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, parking areas.
5. Laboratories .

Advantages :

1. increase mechanical strength and abrasion resistance.
2. indoor and outdoor uses.
3. minimize the damages of the floors.
4. has twice the serviceable life of the plain concrete.
5. available in different charming colors.
6. non metallic aggregate – will not rust when wet.
7. hard, dense surface, resistant to oils and grease.

Standard compliance :

It is complies with ASTM C 977 for abrasion resistance.

Technical information :


CONTEC : Powder shall be applied to the fresh concrete by dry shake method.
-it shall be applied at the point where the light foot traffic leaves an imprint of about 3-6 mm.
CONTEC : Should be applied in two stages in full accordance with the manufactures instructions, to achieve an overall
application rate not less than 5Kg/m2 .
-The first stage at even rate of 2-3Kg/m2 on the concrete surface.
– When the material becomes uniformly dark by absorption of the moisture from the base concrete, then float CONTEC into the concrete ensuring material becomes an integral part of the surface.
– Immediately apply the remaining 2Kg/m2 in the reverse direction for the first coat, and wait till material has obtained
darker color.
-Then finish by helicopter when concrete surface is suitable.

Curing :

Curing should apply by using suitable curing agent immediately.

Tools cleaning :

By using clean water immediately.

Packaging :

Supplied in 20Kg paper bags.

Shelf life :

12 months in dry conditions, keep out humidity, heat, direct sun light.

Safety :

– Wear gloves, overall, goggles during application.
– In case of contact with skin wash immediately with clean water.
– In case of contact of eyes rinse immediately with clean water for 5 minutes.
– In case of swallowing, don’t induce vomiting, seek the medical advice immediately.

Fire :
CONTEC  powder not flammable.