Construction Mortar

Construction Mortar

Description :

Enhanced and modified cement based mortar for construction application in bricks &blocks & and stone masonry fixing,
provided with high flexural bond strength and lower air content .

Field of uses :

1. Concret blocks &clay bricks application.
2. Sand lime & red bricks.
3. Basement surfaces.

Advantages :

1. Exterior &interior applications.
2. Water resistant .
3. Premium bond strength .
4. One pack product. Just add water.
5. Easy application.
6. Economic grade.

Compliance standard :

ASTM C 270

Technical properties :

Application :

1. All surfaces should be dry, sound, clean, grease, oil, loose mortar particles, curing compound, any contaminants which
can cause weak the bond between the material and the application surface.
2. Application surface should be wet before material application.

3. Mixing with water :

– For each 20Kg bag add (3.2- 3.4 lit water ).
– For each 50Kg bag add (8-8.5 lit water ).
– Mix with normal and suitable drill for ( 3 minutes ) set for (2) minutes then remix, then start application.
– For improvement adhesion and water resistant and compressive strength should be add one liter for each 20Kg bag
or 2.5 liter for each 50Kg bag form Meister CON BOND , then adjust water quantity as required.
– Note in case of addition of Meister CON BOND, application time will be decreased and will be fast.
– Lay Meister construction mortar on the blocks or bricks with equal form, then use trowel to reach the suitable
thickness, put the blocks over the material quickly, press till get the best fixing position
– Fill the joints between blocks by using Meister Construction Mortar .

Coverage :

1.4-1.7Kg/m2 /mm thickness.

Curing :

In case of hot conditions Meister Construction Mortar should be cure with water every 12 hours / day for 2-3 days at least.

Cleaning :

Application tools should be clean with water immediately specially when addition of Meister CON BOND .

Packaging :

20& 50Kg paper bags.

Shelf life :

12 months far from heat, direct sunlight, humidity .

Safety :

1. Recommend by using overalls, goggles, masks, gloves during application.
2. If contact with skin wash with plenty of clean water.
3. If contact with eye wash immediately with plenty of clean water several times for 5-10 minutes, if irritation appears seek
a medical attention immediately.
4. If the material swallowed directly and immediately drink plenty of water or milk, seek a medical attention.