Description :

Special formulation from selected polymers designed especially for enhancing and improving Meister Construction

Uses :

For mixing with Meister construction Mortar to improve both of physical and mechanical properties.

Advantages :

1. Provide Construction Mortar with high bonding & compressive strength.
2. Improves water resistant .
3. Improve flexural strength.
4. Frost resistant.
5. One product in liquid form.
6. Easy application.
7. Water based, so eco –friendly.
8. Economic.
9. Decrease mortar setting time.

Technical properties :

Application :

Add 1 liter of Meister CON Bond to 20Kg of Meister Construction Mortar, or 2-2.5 liter for each 50Kg in deep clean
container .
– Add half of normal quantity of water required for each bag then add the bag powder gradually during mixing with low
speed electrical drill.
– Increase the water until get consistency equal to the case of water use, when lumps free stop.
– Start application for laying Meister Construction Mortar as recommended.

Cleaning :

All tools application should be immediately clean with clean water

Packaging :

20 liter jerry can .

Shelf life :

12 months for sealed container in suitable store.
Keep it from heat, direct sun light.

Health and safety :

– During application wear masks, gloves, goggles, overalls.
– If the product touch skin wash with water.
– If it touch eyes immediately wash immediately with plenty of clean water then seek medical attention.
– If it swallowed drink immediately plenty of milk or water, then seek a medical attention as soon as possible.