About company


Meister is a German term that means master; one with extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a profession, business, or activity. Therefore, it is our quest to guarantee mastery in production, safety, working conditions, and delivery.
Meister is a subsidiary of Nesma Batterjee, which was formed in 2008, as a joint venture company between two of the most prestigious and credible companies in Saudi Arabia. Nemsa Holding Co. Ltd., has extensive experience in the construction and contracting industry, and its name is synonymous with superior quality, technological capabilities, and reliability.
Batterjee Holding Company has definitive expertise in the industrial realm. It is known for its specializations in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, baby products, and foods and plastics, among others. The collaboration between these two companies has emphasized the complementary competencies of both companies. This has allowed us to become a market leader in the field of construction materials and construction related industries by building additional partnerships with international companies that provide only the most excellent products.
Our partnerships ensure distinctive industrial capabilities, superior technology, and the manufacturing of only the highest quality construction materials. We adhere to stringent international standards of quality and production, and our materials are comparable to competitors worldwide.

Company Policy

Meister adopts a policy of quality that aims to satisfy its customers both locally and globally. The company provides continuous training opportunities for its employees in order to raise our efficiency and excellent reputation. Every facility is provided to back-up our commitment to the highest levels of quality service. Our teams for quality assurance, quality
control, customer relations and feedback, and research and development work with dedication to meet and surpass our quality objectives.


Meister will:

Satisfy customers’ requirements Implement and ensure quality performance during the duration of each project in accordance with requirements and international standards.
Develop strategies for increased market shares Meet the needs of the market in terms of services and economic profitability.

More about us!

The Meister plant in Rabigh Industrial City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia produces a wide range of high demand chemicals for the construction industry. We have, and continue to meet the demands of the Saudi market that stem from an astounding growth in construction projects throughout Saudi Arabia.
Meister produces a wide range of chemicals, commencing with chemical admixtures for concrete. We also produce grouting, waterproofing, surface and repair materials, as well as adhesives, tiles, and other specialized items.
Our company does not only cooperate with the most advanced international companies, but also employs a well-qualified team of engineers, chemists, and technicians who helps in transferring knowledge and technology to locals. These experts continually seek to improve our company’s pledge to meet every customer’s requirements, whether in the form of services, solutions to field problems, or the provision of highly trained technicians for project implementation.

Whatever our customers require, we assure the most up-to-date services and standards.


Securing all products that the market requires in the field of construction.
Providing support services to our clients.
Applying the latest technologies in the manufacture of our products.
Assisting clients with challenges, and providing solutions.
Ensuring creativity and innovation during all stages of production.
Accommodating technology to assist in advancing the field of construction in the region.
Providing maximum attention to our employees and guaranteeing their safety.


At Meister, our vision is to become the regional leader in the field of construction chemicals and to raise the bar by providing superior quality and highly competitive solutions.
Dedication to the success of our clients, our people, and the Structure heritage.
  • We Are Creative
  • Honest And Dependable
  • Quality Commitment
  • We Are Always Improving

Quality Performance

We apply the principles of quality performance during all stages of production. Moreover, our client follow-up provides our valued customers with full technical support, access to our innovative solutions, and timely delivery of their required, quality products.
We believe in upholding mutual respect between our company and all of its stakeholders, whether they are customers, competitors, suppliers, or members of the greater community.
We believe that quality implies being a company that is responsible and active, thus improving the well-being of all
citizens within our community.

Environmental Policy

Meister has a keen interest in the environment. As such, it has developed a strategic plan to protect the natural environment and maintain health and safety within its facilities and operations.

Our company’s Environmental Policy is based on the following principles:

Comply in letter and in spirit to environmental, health, and safety legislation and codes as an environmentally responsible corporation .
Cooperate fully with all relevant government and non-government bodies and environmental organizations to protect the environment.
Pre-assess all planned projects and operations and their likely environmental effects, whilst maintaining sound operational standards that reflect best industry practice.
Review global industry practices of similar projects in order to improve the company’s environmental standards, both practically and economically.
Foster awareness of our industry’s environmental issues among staff, consultants, suppliers, customers, and the greater community.
Report on our organization’s environmental performance transparently and publicly.
Encourage industry suppliers to employ materials and operations that are environmentally sound.
Encourage the use of renewable resources for sustainable development.
Reduce, where possible, all forms of emissions during operations.
Promote energy efficiency.
Provide quality training and support to employees encouraging commitment to the company’s environmental goals and compliance to authoritative agencies.
Produce and treat materials within environmentally safe facilities.
Recycle waste products and use recyclable materials whenever possible.