Nanocrete_Launch_ASEANMeister is a German term that means master; one with extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a profession, business, or activity. Therefore, it is our quest to guarantee mastery in production, safety, working conditions, and delivery. Meister is a subsidiary of Nesma Batterjee, which was formed in 2008, as a joint venture company between two of the most prestigious and credible companies in Saudi Arabia. Nemsa Holding Co. Ltd., has extensive experience in the construction and contracting industry, and its name is synonymous with superior quality, technological capabilities, and reliability.   Read More… 


Products of Meister

Grouting & Anchoring Materials

ConcreteRoofFloatingDSCF1363-700052Cement grouting materials used in places that need high resistance, such as places down the rules of the machines and these materials are characterized by

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Concrete Admixtures

slump_test♦ Water proofing additions.

♦ Water reducing additions to reduce  proportion of mixing water

♦ Retarding additions.

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Industrial Flooring

floor 2These materials increases the hardness of the industrial floors and increases its resistance against wearing, abrasion and thus increases the

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